Architecture photo contest 2014

architecture photo contest 2014

Manual professions are not very popular nowadays and companies struggle to find skilled technical workers.
Through charity drives and the help of family and friends, the 42-year-old sportswoman managed to raise money for prosthetic arms.
Beedi making is entirely a manual process that involves skills such as rolling, sorting, baking, labelling and packing.
The Gramofonove Zavody Lodenice factory pressed its first vinyl record in 1951 and was the main producer of vinyl records for the Eastern Bloc.In 1925 the All-Union Young Pioneer camp Artek consisted of tents for only 80 children.Residents and tourists chipped away at it, keeping fragments of it for their own souvenirs.Each artist is welcome to decorate several of the white or cream-colored exterior walls or gates.Despite being one of the poorest urban areas in the country the Alexandra Township today is a vibrant and colorful township.Each winter in Saranac Lake, New York, USA, the lakes and rivers freeze allowing the tradition of ice harvesting to continue.As yoga grows throughout the western world, yoga resonates with those practicing it in the township because of the fact that it offers a mental and physical relief from the hardships of daily living.As the United Nations on marked the first-ever World Wildlife Day, activists and conservationists joined the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to call for a global effort to end illicit wildlife trade.The leather industry is an employment intensive sector of the Indian economy with a vast potential for growth and exports but also a pollution intensive industry that relies on cheap labor.A third and more unusual faction exists: The Exotico - male wrestlers performing in drag.

As President Obama and lawmakers in Congress consider reining in the National Security Agency's domestic spying program, another surveillance web - this one more localized and visible - continues to sweep up information across Washington,.
The old lady was forsaken by her family and took refuge in the meditation center ThaBarWa near Yangon more than a year ago.
When he was dismissed from an institute for addicts, he went to the cathedral of Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, to make a confession.
Festival is one of the most important festivals of the 'Goa' music style.
Helen, a village with less than 500 inhabitants, now hosts up to two million visitors a year.Tanning has a long history in India and has been a traditional trade for the poorer groups of the population.Since 1970, the Oktoberfest has been celebrated amongst the gingerbread-trimmed buildings.The building of the Wall began on German Democratic Republic victorian chimney sweep wikipedia (GDR) armed forces started to seal off the eastern part of the city with road barriers to build an 'anti-Fascist protective barrier.' During a press conference on 09 November 1989, the spokesperson of GDR government.The traditional samurai horse festival 'Soma-Nomaoi which means 'Soma wild horse chase is located just 40 kilometers from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plants.'All I need are friendly words he replies when asked about his wishes.