Banana eating contest urban dictionary

banana eating contest urban dictionary

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Have a whole month of spring breaks, much be fun!
Logged mela489 Town Elder Community Points: 310 Offline Gender: Posts: 8633 haha don't worry about that, if they are really your friends then it doesn't matter what you know or not. .Logged knitnpurl, stars Hollow Tourist, community Points: 0, offline.You watched "The Power of Myth"?Ok, so I was watching a rerun with my sister and my mom, and, of course I live under a rock, so I know nothing, so I asked the same question as you (though I didn't get their explination either). .Lorelai says: "whoa, whoa, whoa" and you think died in house promo code she is gonna say "you and Paris kissed" but its typical Lorelai to say "you watched the power of the myth?" its just so funny Logged missmystery Town Resident Community Points: 7 Offline Gender: Posts: 159.:Oy with.

February 13, 2017 bananas unknown, according to Gwen Stefani, bananas is what "this shit".
They are so funny. .
And then Luke getting in jail!
You might also have noticed that many of the synonyms or related slang words are appalling - that's mostly thanks to the lovely community over at Urban Dictionary (not affiliated with Urban Thesaurus).
Its fine though-tomorrow 4-20 (I learned what that was last year) Logged HarvardRory Guest Wait, I don't get. .Banana unknown, a subscriber of Onision who watches his videos so obsessively they begin to peel their own skin off while cannibalising themselves to the point of death.Onision must be stopped.Guy 1, (Is a banana hey, have you heard of Onision?" Guy 2: "Oh you mean the next Hitler?" Guy 1: *Kills himself*.Haha, I think that started like 2-3 years ago, and in my AIM profile I even decribed my wonderful rock.