Cq wpx dx contest

cq wpx dx contest

The cabrillo file format is the standard for logs.
For example, KY0W sends that call sign when operating from California.
Notification of Committee actions will be sent by email to the address provided with the log submission.
After that time the decision is final.
Instructions for NON-cabrillo electronic logs: If you are not able to submit a cabrillo format log, please contact the Contest Director for assistance with submitting another format.CQ Contest sites: CQ WW, cQ WPX, cQ WW rtty, cQ WPX rtty.Starts 00:00:00 UTC Saturday Ends 23:59:59 UTC Sunday.For M2 and MS entries, altering the logged time of the QSO so as to fit the band-change rules, the QSO will be removed with an additional penalty of 10x for QSO points and for Multipliers.Taking credit for excessive unverifiable QSOs or unverifiable multipliers.Call sign errors (bust) or call signs not in the other log (NIL) are removed and receive a penalty of three times the QSO point value for that contact.Entrants follow the regular rules for a single-op, except they are logging the received QSO and not transmitting.Multi-Transmitter (multi-unlimited The six contest bands may be activated simultaneously.Rule Differences from WPX SSB/CW Contest.This includes, but is not limited to, use of a CW decoder, DX cluster, DX spotting web sites (e.g., DX Summit local or remote call sign and frequency decoding technology (e.g., CW Skimmer or Reverse Beacon Network or operating arrangements involving other individuals.The recording must free dog coupons be a continuous recording (not a recording of individual QSOs).

Results: Past Results 2016 CQ WW WPX SSB Complete Line Scores 2016 CQ WW WPX CW Complete Line Scores 2016 CQ WW WPX SSB Results 2016 CQ WW WPX CW Results 2016 CQ WW WPX SSB Operators, Multi Stations 2016 CQ WW WPX CW Operators.
Public logs, all Line Scores, operators, Multi Stations, soapbox (QRM).
For ITU Region 1 stations: transmitting on the 40m band, above 7200 KHz during the SSB (phone) contest weekend is not permitted.
Single Operator Overlay Categories: Any Single Operator entrant that meets the requirements may also enter one of the categories shown below by adding the appropriate category-overlay line in the Cabrillo log file header.When two or more transmitters are present on the same band, a hardware device must be used to prevent more than one signal at any one time.36 contact points: - Different-country contacts within any continent (not just North America) get 2 or 4 points - Same-country contacts get 2 points on the low bands "Call Areas" and Certificates, in the results, some call signs have a portable designator added when none.Self-spotting or asking to be spotted is not permitted.Classic Operator (classic The entrant will use only one radio, no QSO finding assistance, and may operate up to 24 of the 48 hours off times are a minimum of 60 minutes during which no QSO is logged.If an entrant is unwilling or unable to agree to all of the foregoing, the entrant should not submit the entry or submit the entry as a Checklog only.The log must indicate which station/signal (run or multiplier) made each QSO.Objective: For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many CQ zones and countries as possible.High Power (All Band or Single Band Total output power must not exceed 1500 watts.The one radio must not be able to receive while transmitting.