Cutest pet contest fundraiser

cutest pet contest fundraiser

People can have a chance to upload a short essay on why they feel they'd be the best candidate to win the prize.
Take a look at this example photo contest run by the company UrDOgs: They were able to generate over 2300 entries and a ton of engagement.
These types of contests generally offer some sort of record deal, help with music production, or something of the sort.
People will then be able to upload photos of themselves for a chance to win!
This type of contest is great for radio stations, travel agencies, local tourism boards, and other types of businesses.Fun Contest Idea #23: Take a Photo with a Meal Does your business serve food?Simply run a photo contest and base it around a halloween theme.Pro Tip: If you're opening a physical location, try announcing the winner of the giveaway at your grand opening to increase excitement and drive more people into your store.Companies might decide to award all participants who score over a certain amount, or simply choose a winner from the entire number of users who participated.A dog walkathon is the same thing but with adorable pooches!Even if you're not gung ho about the whole selfie fad, that doesn't mean that your customers (and prospective customer) might not like taking selfies.One method is to provide an opportunity for users to submit their contact information (as in the example above and another is to enter by sharing the contest with a friend.

Try running tpt promo code march 2016 a Pinterest favorite board contest.
Have a contest that stuck out to you?
Choose a contest end date, and at the completion of the contest choose a selfie at random in order to crown the winner of your selfie contest.Run a contest that rewards your 1000th follower with a prize.Let them express themselves by running a best poem contest!The jist of it is to have a jar filled with jellybeans.Fun Contest Idea #50: Christmas Sweepstakes Nothing says "christmas spirit" like giving back to your fans and followers for the holidays.At the end of the campaign they can simply choose a winner from everyone who Likes their page.Take advantage of this trend by running an Instagram Hashtag contest.And some of the best content that businesses can collect are images of customers using their product, or sharing their experiences with that business.