Fanfiction writing contests

fanfiction writing contests

Team-Leader-In-Training, kelly Connect Apple Project Jul 2012.
But this art competition would have never existed without the support from Indiana Jones novel writers Rob MacGregor, Max McCoy and Campbell Black.
I also tried to do something with Soccerstar (KickerStar) in the past, but without any response (in", it was sent to int.
SFGame isn't so special too.I just want to let you know that some people are disappointed, a lot of them already stop playing, or they don't play so often.Writing Contest # : Cover Letters Writing Contest # : Panic!How long you think they are gonna wait?A Short Story category with a page limit of 9 pages.First of all I would like to thank all the Indiana Jones fans who have participated this Fan Fiction Writing Contest.

Or could you at least say what could be there?
Writing Contest # : Mad Libs Writing Contest # : Breaking with Tradition Writing Contest # : April Fools Pranks Writing Contest # : Travel Ads Writing Contest # : Late Night Reading Writing Contest # : Narnian Riddles Writing Contest # : Narnian Carols.
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I'm not even sure if czech Bloodmoon server still takes enough money from players.Writing Contest # : April Fools Writing Contest # : Political Catchphrases Writing Contest # : E-mail Signatures Writing Contest # : Narnian Book Blurbs Writing Contest # : Narnian Company Slogans Writing Contest # : Narnian Debates Writing Contest # : Text Messaging Writing.So, anyone responsible from Playa Games, I'm not playing your games anymore.And some updates weren't a good move (remove the system of sleeping, staples com coupon code may 2015 removed cups and so on).SF keeps updating a little bit, and it's fine.Because main "problem" I see in this game.Stay In Touch, more, a place to discuss anything and everything to do with fanfiction.