How to sort clothes to give away

how to sort clothes to give away

Yoga pants that dont go to yoga.
If you had a cineplex discount code strong reaction to anything on the list or have every item in talbots coupon code 2014 your closet, take a deep breath.
i spend a good amount of time deciding if i should keep something or not and during the process i think im doing a good job of letting. .Label three heavy-duty garbage bags "donate "tailor and "consignment." Pull on nude, seamless undergarments and get ready to try on some clothes.Bottom line: Everything in your closet should: Fit well, be worn regularly, comfortable enough that it is not distracting.Clothes you are saving for your children.Stay Coordinated iStock/PeopleImages, when debating whether to keep or toss a piece, ask yourself if it matches at least three other things you currently own.If you dont love something, theres really no reason to give up space to it in your closet.Focusing on one main style, however, while reserving the others for when the mood suits you might be another strategy.While clothes moths, a musty smell or mold stains indicate you haven't worn these items in a while, ink stains on clothes are especially aggravating because this clothing item is clearly something you wear.If you're not sure when you should get rid of a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or boots, an old accessory or even a handbag, this 7-step process is for you.

I dont know if any of you have difficulty getting rid of old clothes or not, but i found an interesting conversation happening at a blog called the very small closet. .
Hats you dont wear even though everyone says you look good in hats.
Pieces you can see through unintentionally.
Our bodies are quite obviously alive, and will react to new environments, changes in our routine and major shifts in diet, hormones, etc.
I love this metric from organizing guru Julie Morgenstern. However, in the case of clothes moths or mold, dye, or ink stains, you need to accept that your clothing is beyond recovering.A bridesmaids dress they said you could wear again, and you know you wont.You No Longer Love.Clothes that dont allow your underwear to be under.Extreme Closet Decluttering As an extreme measure, you can go on a clothing diet and wear just six items for one month to figure out which pieces are most important to your lifestyle.Sometimes, even if it meets all of the other criteria for keeping a garment, you're just over.Other fun options to consider are quilting the shirts together (.Lets say you used to be a corporate type but have decided to pursue a career as a yoga instructor.You'll save precious time getting dressed in the morning.