Interesting raffle ideas

interesting raffle ideas

Bracelet Sale: Students can create different types of bracelets, like friendship or charm bracelets.
Simply use charity auction software to post your auction items online.
Wrap all boxes in a variety of paper.Charity Concert, who doesnt love a good concert?Board Game Contest: Charge an entry fee to enter a board game tournament, with the winners receiving prizes.Fundraising Event Ideas, hosting a fundraising event is a wonderful way to network with businesses and potential donors while raising money and awareness for your cause.Dorm or Office Decorating Contest.Mark the ducks bottoms with a permanent marker as follows: 9 ducks with a # 2 7 ducks with a # 4 6 ducks with a # 6 5 ducks with a # 8 5 ducks with a # 10 4 ducks with a #.To promote reading and raise funds you can host a book swap.A letter is drawn from the bingo hat and then a letter from the turkey hat.You might assign a theme to each classroom and ask a coordinator (typically the room parent) to solicit donations from families.Some are more tailored to high school fundraising and others are great elementary school fundraisers.

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Fun With Science Suggested items: Tickets to science museum (if you have one nearby science games, experiment kits, science puzzles, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers, goggles, a child-sized lab coat.
(Example: A 5 is rolled on one die and a 6 on the other.
Sell your popcorn during the holidays to raise even more funds.
Creative twist: Present the items in a baby bathtub.
The squares are sold off at whatever price is decided upon; usually the price depends on the prize.Games Goodies: Have people come together to play board, card, and other games.Be sure that kids volunteers in groups of two or more, for safety.All Sports Suggested items: Balls (baseball, basketball, football, soccer tickets to local sporting events, gift card to a sporting goods store, Frisbee, sports-team-theme apparel (shirts, hats, etc.) and blanket, water bottle, sports-theme books and board games Creative twist: Arrange the items in a large duffel.Put that creative to good use by hosting a decorating contest.Charge an admission fee and sell concessions during the event to raise money.Provided the raffle has raised enough money, she can be upgraded to a Sponsor Member and receive the sponsor gift.