Membrane sweep at 37 weeks with twins

membrane sweep at 37 weeks with twins

There is always an increased risk of needing to have a cesarean birth with any type of labor inducing technique.
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Im still early compared to you but i just wanted to es a sweep hurt?You will have your babies in a few weeks.I would suggest talking to your doc about.If the dates of conception winning prize bond numbers were not calculated correctly, however, there is always a risk of prematurity and a preterm birth.I just wanted to deliver already!Possible Risks Associated with.Before the Procedure, prior to doing the procedure, the obstetrician or midwife will tell you about what they are about to do and ask for your consent.Good luck with it all. .I had a sweep done today at 38 weeks because of spd, this is my 5th baby im 2cm feeling like nothings gonna happen so fed up any tips ladies?You are amazing to hang on to those twins for so long!

Was he going to induce you at 38 weeks if it didn't work?
Saying that though, another twin mum from my antenatal class was induced. .
If the cervix is closed and difficult to reach, the membrane sweep success rate will be very low and the procedure will be uncomfortable to do if it can be done at all.Hi ladies just reading your posts.I dont know if I should walk to go into labour soon or to be honest, I am fed up with walking and being active throughout my whole pregnancy cause I have toddler at home who is toddling already for 2 ease babies come out.In such cases, a formal induction with Pitocin will be carried out instead.Good luck with everything - hope it all goes smoothly.I was told that due to my age (41) I would be induced in week. .Ill be 37w4d by then.When the finger is swept around the cervix, the membranes are separated from the cervical tissue and prostaglandins that help start labor will be released.