Nj 1040 voucher

nj 1040 voucher

Make your check or hotel contest singapore money order payable to "State of New Jersey - TGI." Write your Social Security Number on the check or money order.
Last Updated: Friday, 01/27/17.
If you do not have Internet access, you can make an e-check payment by contacting the Division's Customer Service Center ( ) or by visiting.
Note: E-check payments made using an account that is funded from a financial institution outside the United States will not be accepted.The fee is added to your actual payment.Do not send in the payment voucher if you pay your taxes by credit card.We have verified the information in the scan box is correct and the voucher will process as a resident payment.Also enter your name and address if you are not using a preprinted voucher.If you do not enter your Social Security Number and date of birth properly, you will not be able to pay by e-check.Enter your Social Security Number and the amount of your payment in the boxes on the voucher.

Do not send in the payment voucher if you pay by e-check.
Note: Do not use the preprinted vouchers you may have received if you filed a joint return last year and this year you are filing your return using only your own Social Security Number or you are filing a joint return with a different person.
If people giving away money online you are paying the balance due on your New Jersey Income Tax return and are also making a payment of estimated tax for 2017, use separate checks or money orders for each payment.
Credit Card (Fees Apply pay online or by phone ( ) using a Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover credit card.
You may pay your New Jersey Income Taxes or make a payment of estimated tax by electronic check (e-check check or money order, or credit card.Send your payment for the balance due on your return (Form NJ-1040 or Form NJ-1040NR) with the payment voucher in the same envelope with your tax return.2015 NJ-1040-V Payment Voucher, the 2015 NJ-1040-V payment voucher contained in some New Jersey Resident income tax booklets incorrectly indicate the voucher is a nonresident payment voucher.Do not include the estimated tax payment with your Income Tax return.Check or Money Order, complete the appropriate payment voucher (Form NJ-1040-V, NJ-1040NR-V, or NJ-1040-ES).For calendar year filers, payments due with 2016 returns must be made (postmarked) by April 18, youtube sweep the leg 2017, to avoid penalty and interest charges.If you are filing a New Jersey return for the first time, or your filing status is different than the filing status on last year's return, you may not be able to pay by e-check.