Pokemon oras sweeps

pokemon oras sweeps

Magikarp had to step in!
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All in all, it's a great Pokemon for a sweep or late game sweep!By admin, video ferrothorn strategy moveset #1 Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire oras ALL movesets #1: /CX37CR subscribe: /A5T9Uo twitter: /8esHxC.Jellient can wall out many teams and create a lot of pivot options your your own teambuiding.And if the opponent sets up a sticky web, he's done!Submit Video, your Name (required your Email (required title.

What's up viewers, it's ActualizeGaming here and we are back for a brand new series of Pokemon Showdown battles!
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One of the best Mega Gyarados sweeps I have ever had!
In addition, it can also learn swords dance!By admin, video, ferrothorn Took all team with Curse and Gyro Ball.Sub to LadyKrimZen Here: m/LadyKrimZen Follow me On Twitter: https twi.In this video I show you how to use a good Ferrothorn build I managed to sweep my whole opponent team with Ferrothorn.My opponent: m/VadertheWhite Shady.D Get the latest Pokemon game!I hope you enjoy!