Rules for chili cook off contest

rules for chili cook off contest

And again on Saturday, September 23rd from.m.-8.m.
Tent cooking stove and fuel, utensils, pans, tables and chairs.
ALL vehicles and trailers must be parked in outfield grass parking lot behind fair office.
Additional rules or regulations may be made as the situations warrant.11.Only gift certificate laws two (2) vehicles from each team will be allowed in the competition area to unload at one time.Every team should be prepared to provide at least one (1) person to be a judge.Judges don't like to taste chili if they don't know what flavors to anticipate.NO meat will be inspected on September 21st.

All spaces are 30X30.
Set all chili sides (like chopped green onions, grated cheese and sour cream) on their own table.
16.Teams are welcome to start breakdown of their cooking site after the awards, however, Vehicles will not be allowed onto the competition area until 8:00pm Saturday.
Chili is judged on 5 criteria: Aroma, Red.No mixes or pre-made items are permitted (ex.L entries meat and beans should be in one vehicle to be inspected at the same time, not located in several vehicles.Hicles with few or small items will be asked to park in the dirt parking lot and hand carry the items to the team space (team should bring dollies and hand carts to assist in this process).Decisions of the BBQ Cook Off officials are final).