Rupaul's drag race season 8 episode 2 winner

rupaul's drag race season 8 episode 2 winner

Working with our contestants are top models, designers and American idols all rolled up into one.
Even with a few swaps, the energy still feels very much like the closing of a circle.
Guys, I think it should have been Sasha.Shea does well too, and the only criticism I can muster is that she maybe seems a little overambitious with her goals, but it still felt cool and current.This part of the challenge goes about as well as youd think for everyone calendar club promo code canada involved, with the one standout being Peppermint.I think she was robbed of a rightful win not just this past week, but the week before that too.Its Amy Farrah Fowlers birthday, and shell hurl if she wants.Sasha: It feels especially apt that Sasha compares this.

Weve got a top four.
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By the laws of reality television, neither Shea or Trinity could be sent home at this stage by virtue of their individual wins.
Go ahead and watch either matchup Raven versus Juju or Tatianna versus Alyssa in their respective.
CBS claims that it took appropriate actions against Brad Kern, but former staffers have disagreed.He brings the same balance of helpful snark and yas-queen reverence of his predecessor, but he has the good sense not to tell his Instagram followers to drink bleach.She is, to my eyes, what would happen if Milk and Violet had a child and that child got a gender-studies degree from Oberlin.The Season 9 finale of, ruPauls Drag Race was the series most-watched ever, with the network saying 859,000 total viewers tuned in to see Sasha Velour snatch the crown and title of Americas Next Drag Superstar.Just wait until the sweat starts dripping.Each week, through the trials and tribulations of glam, glitter and show-stopping performances, one drag queen is eliminated until reaching the next superstar drag queen of America.It's all the artistry, all the humanity and all the head-turning twists you love but if you think you know this Race, honey, you have no idea.Wouldnt you know it, its none other than erstwhile.