Steam wallet giveaway reddit

steam wallet giveaway reddit

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Your post must be clear.
Currently free games and Betas are not to be posted.Reposts every 48h, reposts once every 48hours.Also include the contest end date in format MM/DD/yyyy (or MM/DD which assumes current year).Don't Repost before 48h, do not repost the same link before 48 hours is.Do not request Upvotes.Referral links are allowed, and encouraged.

Rule #6, no pirated content.
All giveaways must be hosted for No less than 12 hours.
Rule #3, no begging or asking.
Community Vote Results, repost Tool - Check if Posted in Last 48h.If only one prize is being given away, even if there are multiple entry methods, only the one entry method is allowed per 48 hours rule.Send a PM to the one who gifted it to you and let them know if you enjoyed.If possible, please link directly to the giveaway page.Use a Raffle, trivia, riddle, or encryption to giveaway your key(s).