Sweep and sway jump shot

sweep and sway jump shot

Anyway Curry likes to take his shots off the raffle for jordan 11 breds pass, instead of taking it off the dribble.
Due to this, Stephen has been measured to have one of the quickest shots in the NBA.
Some people will say this form is incorrect but the good thing about it is that the release is very quick when youre shooting a one motion shot.So there are 2 options here: Either hes not aware of the fact that hes doing it, or he simply wants to keep it a secret.What sets his shot apart from everyone else?While most players were taught to keep 10 toes pointed straight to the rim, Curry maintains an excellent balance and control by actually turning his feet about 10 degrees away from the basket to his weak side hand, aligning his hip and right shoulder.Age level: YouthMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolCollegeOther, please leave the following field empty.The reason for that is that Curry is very consistent with his upper-body so he can do whatever he wants with his legs and still release the ball the same way.Breaking the Rules, well, I hate to do that to you, but dont blame me, blame Curry, cause when it comes to his landing width hes breaking the rule many times first contest waignein by landing wide as seen in the video.When you bend youre knees, the lower you get, the harder it is for you go back.The Turn, square your feet to the basket, keep em shoulder width apart!Just for subscribing to our free newsletter youll get these 3 eBooks for free 72 Basketball Drills Coaching Tips 136 page eBook.

Again, is he really so unaware of his shooting form?
Shooting narrow is important especially for guards because it enhances the speed of the shot, and guards need to be quick with.
Well, here are a few things Ive learned from looking at this footage of him:.
On the other hand, you cant jump very high when shooting this way, so theres a big debate on whether you should shoot this way.
However, it plays out differently in Stephen Currys case.A good example to demonstrate this principle is bowling.The ironic thing is Curry himself claims to square his feet but as you can see from the video above he clearly turns turns them.We will never send you spam or share your email address, guaranteed!Plus youll get ALL updates to this website delivered to your inbox for free.It turns out this dip is very important for power and rhythm and it also helps to make your shot go straighter based.And Just like in the first case, Stephen denies the fact he dips the ball.You might also like.Hopefully these tips will help you in your jump shot, these are things you can start practicing right now and I will get into more of these shooting techniques later.Luckily today, we have many NBA players in the spotlight we could learn from.