Sweep feature in ug nx

sweep feature in ug nx

While selecting the curves, you will observe the start point of the section highlighted by a green arrow.
To start Sketch in buy cigarettes online task Environment : Clicking the Sketch icon or the shortcut key S Creates a sketch and enters the Sketch task environment.
CtrlE Global Tools-Update-Make First Feature Current favor ideas for christening CtrlShiftHome Application hotels com coupon code canada Only Tools-Update-Make Previous Feature Current CtrlShiftLeft Application Only Tools-Update-Make Next Feature Current CtrlShiftRight rrent Application Only Tools-Update-Make Last Feature Current CtrlShiftEnd ENT Application Only Tools-Journal-Play.
CtrlShiftK Global Edit-Show and Hide-Show All CtrlShiftU Global Edit-Show and Hide-Invert Shown and Hidden CtrlShiftB Global Edit-Move Object.HOW TO DO THE above thing IN ug NX?UG in this article we will discuss which one is strong in which area.(for exp in catia blend, multisection,sweep and extrude etc is there).CtrlU, global, file-Finish Sketch, ctrlQ, application Only.And for close body - first form close surfaces then use 'sew' to make close solid.T Trims off a portion of a sheet body using curves, faces, or a datum plane.

AltF5 Global Tools-Movie-Pause AltF6 Global Tools-Movie-Stop AltF7 Global Information-Object.
D Application Only Insert-Design Feature-Extrude.
Sketcher tools like line, arc, circle etc will be enabled once the Sketch environment is started.
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CtrlT Global Edit-Sketch Curve-Quick Trim.'mesh surface' is just like 'blend multi section sweep and 'n-sided surface' is just like 'fill' in catia.So, click on the.To revolve the created sketch or revolve a set of curves in a plane : Clicking on Revolve icon or the shortcut key R creates a new feature by revolving a section about a particular defined axis.How to create tangent surface?To tengency error and connexcity error use "examine geometry" command in analyis tab.