Swept off my feet traduction

swept off my feet traduction

Swi:p ( pt pp swept swept ) transitive verb, conjugaison.
Conjugaison gagner a new craze is sweeping America une nouvelle mode fait fureur aux États-Unis the flu epidemic which swept Europe in 1919 l'épidémie de grippe qui sévit en Europe en 1919.
Ces exemples peuvent contenir des mots vulgaires liés à votre recherche.Charlie, I'm sorry, I've been swept off my feet.Cercare sweep me off my feet in: Although part of me was just hoping you'd jump across the street and sweep me off my feet again.Je mange la peau morte de mes pieds.Scan, survey her eyes made a sweep of the room elle parcourut la pièce des yeux they jumped over the wall between two sweeps of the searchlight ils sautèrent par-dessus le mur entre deux passages du projecteur.In qualche modo è entrato in possesso di questo Anello e ora è in un mare di guai.Maybe I should just stay off my feet for a bit.Bellissimi amanti europei che mi comprano regali e mi portano in palmo di mano.Il m'a soulevé de terre.Subj: wind, tide, crowd etc the wind swept his hat into the river le vent a fait tomber son chapeau dans la rivière the small boat was swept out to sea le petit bateau a été emporté vers le large three fishermen were swept overboard.Curved line, area (grande) courbe f, étendue.

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I wish I had known you were going to sweep me off my feet and take me to New York with you.
Messieurs, this welcome sweeps me off my feet.
Fall in love tomber fou amoureux (de quelqu'un).
Out yonder window and down a rope on to your valiant steed.Man, it knocked me off my feet.Quando arriverà Olivia, voglio letteralmente farla saltare dalla sorpresa.Et what is a trade discount series il m'a fait perdre pieds.But he'd better sweep me off my feet and onto my back before Liam's done with that dinner.