Tax rebate scam 2014

tax rebate scam 2014

In the three months before the deadline, reports of such scams were up 47 compared with the same period in the previous year.
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During 2013, customers reported over 91,000 phishing emails to hmrc.If you did so, you can kiss that money goodbye.What would you do if you'd get a call from the Government telling they can't process your taxes because somebody else already applied in your name?During 2013, hmrc closed down 1,476 websites sending these types of scam emails.However, the three months prior to the deadline also saw customers report 23,247 phishing emails to HM Revenue and Customs (hmrc) up 47 on the same period a year earlier.Watch the video below to see the Tax Refund scam exposed: Your Tax Refund Scam Video, scenario.Of course, there would be nothing wrong with entering your banking information, if it was, indeed, your government.In 2013 the department closed down 1,476 websites which falsely claimed to represent hmrc and offered tax rebates.Dont fall for.Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.Scenario 3: You get an email about your taxes but this time, you get the email shortly after you submit.

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Take the time to read up a bit on the process of tax returns in your country, if you aren't informed already.
You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below: Report Scammers To The Federal Trade Commission Here.
If you receive an email claiming to be from hmrc which offers a tax rebate, please send it to and then delete it permanently.
Anyone responding to this type of email risks opening their bank account to fraudsters and having their details sold on to other organised criminal gangs.IRS Call Survey Scam, early Taxes Scam, tax Settlment Companies Scam.How to avoid: The tax refund e-mail scam is active in over 15 countries all over the world.Hmrc said the messages often looked very convincing and typically offered refunds of 120 or 150, country curtains coupon code november 2014 amounts which were unlikely to arouse a taxpayer's suspicions.Hmrc action has led to websites being closed down around the world, including in the USA, Russia and elsewhere.Your tax agency informs you that you can have all the payroll taxes refunded for a fee, usually one that's proportional to the amount you stand to get back (5, 10, etc.).Tax Refund Scam, how the scam works: Online tax filing and its scams.They tell you the amount and ask you to wire the money.You'll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam.