Victorian chimney sweep wikipedia

victorian chimney sweep wikipedia

The conditions were harsh and the work was hard.
In the 1970s though, when the price of fossil fuels rose dramatically, people went back to burning wood in their fireplaces rather than to use other more costly methods of heating.
Charlie then recounts his early experiences as a chimney sweep - the constant choking from soot, the cramped spaces, the painful knees and elbows, the fear of being trapped.Lord Shaftesbury, triggered by the death of twelve-year-old George Brewster whose master had caused him to climb and clean the chimney.When they grew bigger in size, there were lesser opportunities for them to work as chimney sweepers.The life of a climbing boy was not just undesirable but dangerous as well.Today, the chimney sweep is a well respected professional that helps to provide homeowners and businesses to maintain safe operation of heating systems, fireplaces, stoves, flues and chimneys of all kinds.Then a passing sweep spots Charlie interesting raffle ideas and seeing that he's about the right size to become a 'climbing boy' offers Charlie a job wsl bells contest working with him.Although the life of the early chimney sweeps including children has often been dramatized and romanticized as being cheery and fun in stories, movies and artwork, the reality was quite different and the sweeps life many times was one of toil and hardship.Chimney sweepers advert, why chimneys needed sweeping?The Victorian era had features utterly different from any other era.

William Blake, an English poet, illustrates the difficult life of a chimney sweep boy in his poem, The Chimney Sweeper.
One method of chimney cleaning invented around this time used a heavy lead or iron ball and rope system used to clean the chimney from the top all the way down to the fireplace.
For this reason, the job was left to poor orphan boys brought in by the chimney master or children sold by their parents into the trade.Ultimately in 1875, the British parliament passed an act which said that all chimney sweeps had to be licensed and licenses were only issued to sweeps not using climbing boys.With the rise in coal use, regular chimney sweep visits became a safety necessity.Victorian chimney sweeper, above picture shows a wide brush which is more likely to be for chimneys built during or before the Victorian era.Chimney sweeper is a poor man who cleans chimneys to make a living.Sometimes dead bodies of boys are extracted from the chimneys.Chimney sweeper was considered nflshop com coupon codes a good luck omen for the bride on her wedding day.Through it all, the chimney sweep remains an important profession that will continue to grow and bring good health and good hearth to every home they service.